Mason County Auditors Office Elections

Current Election

February 13, 2024 Special Election

* Livestream are only available during an election1/16/24-02/23/24

What’s on the Ballot

Visit to view what you are voting for specifically on your ballot.

Sample Ballot

Online Voters Pamphlet-Secretary of State Website

Local Voters Pamphlet (PDF)

(Copies of the Local Voters Pamphlet can be found at Post offices & Libraries)

Election Results

Current Election Results (results will be posted after 8pm Election Day)

Results-Secretary of State’s Office

Statement of Votes Cast (pdf)

For prior Election results visit are Public Records Request and Past Election Data-Reports & Results

Important Dates

December 12-Last day to file a resolution for the February Special Election

January 12 – Military and Oversea Civilian Ballots Mailed

January 16 -Ballots are mailed out

January 18-Logic and Accuracy Test at 2pm

February 5-Last day to register to vote for this election by mail or online

February 13Election Day-Vote Center Open until 8pm

February 15-Random Audit at 2pm

February 21-Risk Limiting Audit at 2pm

February 22-Canvassing Board Meeting-Challenged Ballot Review at 2pm

February 23-Canvassing Board Meeting-Election Certification at 2pm

*all video recordings will be posted after all meetings/tests have been conducted

Public Notices

Notice of Election

Ballot Status


Instructions to view status on

Once you log into VoteWA you will select the ballot status menu. At the bottom you will see “ballot status” if it says accepted we have processed your ballot, if it says challenged you can contact our office for further information.

Accessible Voting Unit

Located at our Vote Center we have an Accessible Voting Unit (AVU) that is available to voters who need assistance filling out their paper ballot. AVU’s are available until 8 pm on Election Day. For more information about AVU’s visit our Accessibility Voting Page.

Ballot Drop Boxes

Ballot Drop Box Locations (current map of open boxes will be available 01/18/2024 )

Ballot Boxes will be opened for the February 13, 2024 Special Election on January 16, 2024.

A list of all open Ballot Drop Boxes is located in the Voter Pamphlet that everyone will receive in the mail.

Canvassing Board

Canvassing Board Manual

Canvassing Board Meeting to Review & Adopt Proposed Canvassing Board Manual- Thursday, October 6 at 9am Video Recording