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Public Records Request and Past Election Data

Data Requests & Public Records Requests

Secretary of States Previous Elections Archive’s: This link will have links to results, state voter pamphlets, data, and candidate information for all previous elections:

State Voter Data and Voting History Request: All requests for information from the statewide voter registration system called Vote WA, must be made through the The Office of the secretary of State, Election Division. Data Request can be made at:

Matchback Requests: For ballot return data that includes a list of voters in a current election is available for download on the Secretary of Sates website. This report will be listed under “Data for the current election” tab under the following website:

County Public Record Requests: All documents kept at the county level will need to be requested through GovQA which is the public records request online portal.

Past Election Data -Reports & Results

Voter Registration Maintenance

January 2023-March 2023 Voter Registration Status Change Summary

April 2023-June 2023 Voter Registration Status Change Summary

July 2023-September 2023 Voter Registration Status Change Summary